This WAIVER OF LIABILITY, made and entered into by you as an Affiliate of Medlocker Affiliate Program and is undertaking the following rules, as follows:

  1. That Affiliates are currently involved in the Medlocker Affiliate Program for and in behalf of Medlocker.
  2. That for the in behalf of the company, the Affiliates is engaged compliance in policies, prices, payouts, and any other information in relation to the Medlocker Affiliate Program.
  3. That in lieu thereof, that the company has NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER to the Affiliates of Medlocker Affiliate Program. Any penalty, error, negligence or mistake committed by any or all of the Affiliates shall be borne by the Affiliates in their PERSONAL CAPACITY. Medlocker and its employees and staff shall not be liable for any offense, penalties, errors and mistake therein.
  4. That Medlocker shall reserve the right to file any and all legal action in any and all claims made by the Medlocker Affiliate Program or any of its Affiliates insofar as any and all penalties passed to the former.